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Spaghetti squash with chorizo and tomatoes

I love the internet. (I also loathe and fear it. It’s a complicated relationship.) My modest little blog has started connecting people in unexpected and delicious ways, and I am just tickled pink.

For example, the lovely and talented Daisy stumbled across this blog a while ago, and commented on a recipe I posted. My (also lovely and talented) friend Molly saw Daisy’s comment, and clicked over to her blog. Molly made and loved several of Daisy’s recipes, and now Daisy’s spaghetti squash with sausage and tomatoes has gone into heavy rotation at Molly’s house. And I, the not-so-innocent bystander, sit on the sidelines and clap with glee.

Over the weekend, a big group of friends gathered for an impromptu dinner, and Molly spearheaded the making of a giant batch of squash. Four squashes, to be exact, and three skillets of sausage and tomato, with at least two bottles of wine and a growler of beer to keep us company while the squash roasted. Following Molly’s lead, we tweaked the recipe slightly from the Italian-inspired original, subbing in chorizo for the Italian sausage and adding a fat glug of red wine to the sauce. It made a satisfying mess of the kitchen, as we tried to fork the squash into strands while it was still hot and ended up dropping bits of it all over the stove. (I have the burned fingertips to prove it.)

If you haven’t yet experienced the smell of chorizo, tomatoes, red wine, and garlic cooking in olive oil, I highly recommend it. It’s the kind of smell I would happily wear as perfume, if only I could bottle it. We used Mexican chorizo–the raw, squishy kind–which gave the sauce a sharp sour-chili warmth and a slight bitterness. You could just as easily use the hard-cured Spanish chorizo, which would give a sweeter, smokier flavor and provide more of a chewy texture contrast with the noodly-crisp squash. Either way, the squash will drink up the fatty, winey sauce and become far more delicious than a vegetable has any right to be.

spaghetti squash chorizo tomato

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What can you do with $5?

This weekend, I took Slow Food USA’s $5 Challenge.  The gauntlet laid down: to create a delicious home-cooked meal that costs $5 or less per person.

To commemorate the occasion, I wrote a poem.  It’s called Ode to the Chinese Takeout Place Near My Old Apartment:

You seduce me, you know

with your glossy nuggets of floury meat

and your vegetables, crisp then yielding

like a starchy executive in a big-screen comedy.

Day after day you whisper

down the street and around the corner

to the white-walled living room with the anemic lightbulbs

and jaundiced molding

where I’ve collapsed fresh off the train.

“Come back to me,” you murmur,


as I wonder if the kitchen wouldn’t mind just one more day of disuse.


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