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It’s peanut butter candy time!

I had never heard of buckeyes until recently, when I decided to make a birthday treat for a peanut-butter-and-chocolate-obsessed friend. The name of the candy comes from the way it’s dipped–a palomino-colored circle of filling peeking out of a dark chocolate shell, making the candy look like a buckeye nut.

These might just be my new favorite homemade candy. They involve almost no cooking and come together in a matter of minutes. The flavor and texture are reminiscent of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, with a sandy-smooth filling and a crackling chocolate shell. As a bonus, you can dip them in dark chocolate instead of milk, which gives a much-needed bitter contrast to the sugary filling.

The secret ingredient here–the thing that notches it past Reese’s–is a flick of cinnamon in the filling. As far as I’m concerned, peanut butter and cinnamon are basically inseparable. The prickly warmth of the spice is a perfect counterbalance to the nutty richness of the butter. It takes these candies from just good to disappearing-in-10-minutes good.

Oh, and about that buckeye look: if you can figure out how to dip these babies without exposing the telltale toothpick hole, you are a better candy-maker than I.

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Breakfast of champions

I’m dying to tell you all about what I made last night. DYING. But I can’t.

I know, what a way to start, right? But I just can’t tell you yet. You see, I have to wait two whole weeks before it’ll be ready. And if I have to wait for two weeks, you have to wait for two weeks. I’m sorry. Them’s the breaks.

Instead, I’m going to talk about oatmeal. (Wait, where are you going?)

Specifically, the politics of oatmeal. (No, come back!)

Bear with me, because I’m about to make a statement that just might be downright un-American: oatmeal doesn’t have to be sweet.

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