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Pan-fried lamb sausage and oyster mushrooms

I wasn’t planning on showing you this one.

It started with a Sunday farmer’s market jaunt with some out-of-town friends.  Somebody suggested making pesto pasta with sausage and mushrooms for lunch.  The best bargain at the mushroom stand that day was oyster mushrooms; the most appealing option at the sausage stand was lamb.  So we bought a little of each, brought them back to a kitchen and dumped them in a frying pan.  You know, like you do.

I only took one halfway-decent photo.  That’s how unremarkable I thought this was going to be.  Boy howdy was I wrong.

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Sausage-stuffed mushrooms

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Chances are, you’re expecting one of two things from this post: a clever use-up for leftovers, or an antidote to last week’s indulgence.

Sorry.  Not today.

Today, I’m all about stuffing vegetables with meat.  And when I say vegetables, I mean mushrooms.  And when I say meat, I mean sausage.

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Mushroom lasagna

Riddle me this. When it’s a Monday, and you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open at work, and you can feel your exhaustion slowly sliding into something like a low-grade fever, what’s the normal-person response?

A. Tough it out at your desk until the end of the workday.

B. Hide in the supply closet with a mug of tea and a sweater.

C. Go home early and sleep.

D. Go home early and spend an hour and a half at the stove making mushroom lasagna with bechamel sauce, from scratch.

Yeah. Turns out I’m not so normal.

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Mountains of mushrooms

So…once upon a time, a whole week went by without a post.  Sorry about that.  Back on the horse.

First things first: I want to introduce my new favorite toy.

I call it the Lean Green Delicious Machine.  My friend Izzy calls it Kermit.  My parents call it a belated birthday present.  It is my new 6-quart dutch oven, and I absolutely love it.

How do I love it?  Let me count the ways.  It’s shiny, and heavy, and my favorite color.  But most important of all, it makes a mean mushroom stew.

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