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Sour cream pound cake, and Bloggers Unplugged

I promised you cake, and I keep my promises.  Today, the cake is not a lie.

I got the recipe for today’s cake from Daisy, who blogs over at Daisy’s World.  Daisy has a culinary degree and a prolific garden; much of the food she writes about is inspired by her freshest pickings.  (As a young apartment-dweller, this makes me green with envy.)  But on top of that, she’s also a fabulous photographer, who makes everything she posts look vibrant and bursting with flavor.  For a taste of her mad skillz (yes, with a z), check out her year-end post and see what she has to say about her Santa hat brownies.  It’s impressive, to say the least.

So when Sam asked me to make him a pound cake for Christmas, I knew just where to look.

(Stay tuned for a little rockstar interview goodness after the jump!)

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