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Raising a glass to the New Year

So here we are.  The last week of 2011.  Seven days until January.

It’s the end of Dare to Eat a Peach’s first year.  If this blog were a person, it would already be toddling and talking and pulling boxes off grocery store shelves when the grown-ups aren’t looking.  I’m oddly fond of this little internet creature I’ve birthed–through it, I’ve managed to be more creative, in a different way, than I’d been in a long time.  For a first-year adventure, it’s been a good one.

It hasn’t been the easiest year.  My family has gone through some unexpected challenges, and I’ve lost a fair amount of ground in taking care of my own health.  But I’m also on much more solid ground than I was this time last year; after many years of self-image struggles, I’m finally feeling at home in my own skin. So my efforts to buckle down on my health are actually going to stick this year.  It’s not a question of wobbly resolutions, but quiet jaw-set determination.  2012 is looking up already.

So this week is going to be my time to recharge and gear up.  I’m letting my creative muscles relax a little bit, and returning to some comfy kitchen favorites.  Last night I made a batch of these for my friends; later in this week, I’ll probably make a couple of these for dinner, and maybe try a new spin on this for lunch one day.  And then, on New Year’s Eve, I’ll whip up one of my grandmother’s favorite cocktails–champagne, Grand Marnier, a lime wedge, an ice cube–and toast to a sweeter and more sparkling 2012.

See you on the other side!

French Connection (makes one drink)

Courtesy of my grandmother Marilyn

Grab a champagne flute, and drop in an ice cube and a lime wedge.  Pour in an ounce of Grand Marnier, then top off the flute with champagne.  This was the first cocktail I ever tasted, and it’s still my favorite way to ring in the New Year.


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