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Salted peanut butter cookies

It’s almost a month after New Year’s. Is it safe to blog about cookies?

This is one of the easiest, most decadent recipes I’ve ever encountered. I’m not kidding. These cookies are made up of exactly three ingredients: brown sugar, eggs, and peanut butter. Not only does that make them gluten- and dairy-free, but it means there’s nothing to bulk them out or tone them down. The peanut butter is front and center, propped up by the sturdy molasses sweetness of brown sugar. I normally love giant cookies, but these are an exception–I tried making them big, but they’re so rich and sugary that I struggled to finish one. These are much more enjoyable when they’re a bit on the small side.

Unlike your traditional crumbly peanut butter cookie, these are chewy and moist, almost like a cross between a cookie and a blondie. When you bite into one freshly baked, it offers up a firm, slightly crisp outside and a translucent gooey middle. Let the cookies sit in an airtight container for a day or two, and the texture settles and evens out so they’re cakey all the way through (which I actually prefer).

The short ingredient list also makes these dangerously easy to whip up. Not that most drop cookie recipes are hard, but this one involves no measuring of dry ingredients, no creaming of butter and sugar, no adding eggs one at a time. All you need is one bowl, one whisk, and a measuring cup or two. The most time-consuming part is chilling the dough in the fridge until it’s firm enough to scoop cleanly–you could bake these right after mixing, but the dough is very squishy and tends to make a mess. (Though it did mean I got to lick my fingers a lot. So.)

The original recipe calls for a single flourish: a sprinkle of fancy flaky salt on the cookies before they’re baked. It’s a fabulous touch. But I can never resist gilding the lily, so I add just a hint of cinnamon–in my mind, peanut butter should never be without it–and a healthy dose of chocolate. The result is ridiculous, and fabulous, and pretty much everything I want in a cookie.

salted peanut butter cookies

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