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Sour cream pound cake, and Bloggers Unplugged

I promised you cake, and I keep my promises.  Today, the cake is not a lie.

I got the recipe for today’s cake from Daisy, who blogs over at Daisy’s World.  Daisy has a culinary degree and a prolific garden; much of the food she writes about is inspired by her freshest pickings.  (As a young apartment-dweller, this makes me green with envy.)  But on top of that, she’s also a fabulous photographer, who makes everything she posts look vibrant and bursting with flavor.  For a taste of her mad skillz (yes, with a z), check out her year-end post and see what she has to say about her Santa hat brownies.  It’s impressive, to say the least.

So when Sam asked me to make him a pound cake for Christmas, I knew just where to look.

(Stay tuned for a little rockstar interview goodness after the jump!)

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Digression: “The Fat Trap”

Welcome to January. It’s resolution-making time. Holiday-excess-detoxing time. Vegetables-whole-grains-and-water time. The time when “turning over a new leaf” seems very often to involve bringing down the number on the bathroom scale.

I don’t know if it’s true that losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions–as I’ve heard cited, oh, every year around this time–but it seems entirely believable. I’ve been there: one of the seeming millions, wrestling year in and year out with excess heft, alarmed about the potential consequences for my long-term health, putting my fist down on the table and resolving that this year I’ll finally shake off those pounds.

So when I read this week’s New York Times Magazine cover story, “The Fat Trap,” I thought it was brilliantly, perhaps cynically on-the-nose for this time of year. I also knew I had to write about it here.

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